We are Francesca and Blai, CactuSoup is our creative studio.

In 2009, while stuck in traffic, we came up with the name CactuSoup and decided that we were going to work together and use our combined experience, knowledge, and perspectives to carve out a career doing the things that we felt most passionate about.

We see design as synonymous with cooking; an array of ingredients are brought together and lovingly prepared to produce dishes that delight the senses.

In the studio, we spend some of our time experimenting, we like to leave aside the computer for a few hours and create new worlds using our hands, employing different techniques and playing with materials in order to grow, learn and be able to provide new and different solutions for our customers.

In our free time we love to travel with our van and obviously … we can’t resist taking lots of snaps of the inspiring places we visit.

If you think we can do something for you or for your company, do not hesitate, contact us. We love challenges, tell us about your idea and we’ll help you make it happen.