Boira from Lleida

Boira 100% from Lleida

We collected in these jars some fog from Lleida.

For your home or to give a present with a typical product of our land and of our culture. For the nostalgic people and those who yearn the long foggy winters.

For those who always want to have a jar just in case, perfect for those who live outside Lleida and want to feel at home.

Inside you can see the familiar skyline of “La Seu Vella” surrounded by fog.

It is just an idea, a condensed feeling, a funny object containing an image of this city.

It’recommended not to open the jars to prevent magic up and scatters the fog.

100% H2O


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Museu de l'Aigua de Lleida

Av. de Miquel Batllori, 52, 25001 Lleida

Oficina de Turisme de Lleida

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Turó de la Seu Vella

25002 Lleida

La Caseta de Gretel Cafeteria

c. Sant Hilari, 12, Lleida

Llibreria - botiga de la Universitat de Lleida (UDL)

Campus de Cappont
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c. Urgell, 33
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